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Firmware Update INE-W920R / INE-W925R / INE-W928R / INE-W977BT

Овој апдејт е специјално наменет за корисниците на  Alpine INE-W920R, INE-W925R, INE-W928R  и  INE-W977BT One Look Navi Systems.Еден апдејт се однесува на еден уред.Ова не е апдејт за навигациска мапа.Доколку не сте сигурни дали Ви е потребен апдејт консултирајте се со Вашиот овластен дистрибутер

Please Note:

  • The update procedure for Version 1.300 is the same as for previous update versions, like Version 1.201.
  • Pictures and movies might show older Firmware Versions. Your INE-W920R / INE-W925R / INE-W928R / INE-W977BT unit must show the actual updated version in the Setup Menu.
  • The update Version 1.300 includes previous update versions


Please also update your Nokia phone with the latest versions of NOKIA Car Mode with MirrorLink.

Nokia MirrorLink for Symbian: ver.2.00(6030)
Nokia Car Mode for Symbian: ver.2.00(4)

Firmware Update Version 1.300 Content:

  • Activates NOKIA MirrorMode (full control mode)
  • Enables NOKIA Call
  • Compatibility for NOKIA Drive with MeeGo (Nokia N9)
  • Compatibility for Android based phones with MirrorLink capability
  • Updates app icon design
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Optimisation for connectivity of APF-V100VW
  • Hebrew Language (INE-W977BT Only)

Содржина Advanced BETA Firmware Update Version 1.201

  • iPod музичка репродукција преку USB конекција со iPhone 5
  • Подобрен трансфер на именик ( iPhone 5 )
  • Auto setting change by Bluetooth profile
  • Preset number UP/DOWN by Steering Wheel Remote Control

Софтверски апдејт за INE-W920R (28.4 MB)

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офтверски апдејт за INE-W925R (25.4 MB)

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 Софтверски апдејт за INE-W928R (28.6 MB)

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 Софтверски апдејт за INE-W977BT

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